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Calendar Fold Brochures

This brochure gives you the opportunity to highlight your listing with images that will impress every single open-house visitor. The calendar fold allows you to show off the features that make this listing unique and place emphasis on your brand.

• Folded Brochure Dimensions: 11”x 8.5”

• UV Coating Options Available


Promoting real estate listings with professional brochures can offer numerous advantages for real estate professionals. Here are five compelling reasons why you should consider using professional brochures to market your properties:

Visual Appeal: Professional brochures can be visually appealing and well-designed, capturing the attention of potential buyers. High-quality images, graphics, and layout help showcase the property's best features and create a lasting impression. Brochures provide an opportunity to present the property in its best light and leave a positive visual impact on prospective buyers.

Tangible Marketing Collateral: In a digital world, having tangible marketing materials can make a significant impact. Brochures serve as physical reminders of the property and provide potential buyers with something they can hold and refer to repeatedly. It allows prospective clients to engage with property details, floor plans, and other relevant information at their convenience, even offline.

Information-rich Format: Brochures provide a comprehensive platform to convey detailed information about the property. Real estate professionals can include property specifications, floor plans, amenities, neighborhood highlights, and any other crucial details in a visually organized manner. This comprehensive approach enables potential buyers to understand the property's unique selling points and make informed decisions.

Enhanced Branding: Professional brochures offer an excellent opportunity for real estate professionals to reinforce their branding. They can establish a cohesive brand identity by incorporating consistent design elements, color schemes, logos, and contact information. Effective branding helps build trust and recognition among potential clients, making it more likely for them to remember and reach out to the real estate professional for their services.

Offline Marketing Reach: While online platforms are crucial for real estate marketing, not all potential buyers exclusively rely on digital channels. Some buyers may prefer offline sources, such as print media or in-person interactions. Brochures cater to this market segment and allow real estate professionals to reach a broader audience. They can distribute brochures at open houses, local events, and community centers or even send them through direct mail, increasing the chances of reaching interested buyers who may not be actively searching online.

By utilizing professional brochures as part of their marketing strategy, real estate professionals can enhance their listings' visibility, appeal, and information delivery, ultimately attracting more potential buyers and increasing the chances of a successful sale.

Use a unique brochure to advertise your next listing. Here are 5 tips on how to effectively use a Calendar Fold Brochure:

1. Include a Call to Action: 
Display a clear call-to-action so interested viewers know how to take the next steps, such as "Call now to schedule a viewing" or "Visit our website for more information."

2. Highlight Unique Features: 
 If the property has any unique or noteworthy features, such as a stunning view, a large backyard, or custom finishes, highlight them in the brochure. These features can help set the property apart from others on the market.

3. Choose a Clean Layout: 
A cluttered or confusing layout can turn readers off and make it difficult for them to navigate the brochure. Use a clean and organized layout, with headings, subheadings, and plenty of white space to make it easy to read.

4. Show Off Your Branding: 
 Your real estate brochure should be consistent with your overall brand identity and feature your logo, colors, and messaging. This can help establish trust and recognition with your target audience.

5. Use a Calendar Fold Brochure: This brochure’s unique fold and layout stand out from other print marketing. Use this design and have your brochure stand out from the rest.