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Upload Business Cards

Want to turn your beautiful design into a reality? We use only the newest printing technology. You can expect your business cards to be nothing less than outstanding. With vibrant colors and a professional look, you will attract homeowners’ attention and get the leads you want.

A fee of $9.99 is charged for all custom upload files. All uploaded files need to go through a quality control process including a review of the format, correcting any issues, and prepping the file for print readiness. This ensures your file will be printed as expected.


Here are 5 tips to know before uploading your business card design:

1. Upload a High-Resolution Design: 
Make sure your business card design has at least 300 dpi resolution for optimal print quality. Try and compress your photos for a smoother production process. Double-check that your PDF file size is under 50 MB

2. Include the Essentials: 
Your business card should include your name, contact information, and relevant credentials or affiliations. Keep the design clean, and don’t overcrowd it with too much unnecessary information.

3. Consider Your Format: 
Choose between one-sided or two-sided business cards printed within landscape or portrait orientation.

4. Emphasize Your Branding: 
A business card is the perfect way to introduce yourself. Include your logo and a high-quality headshot, and design using your branding colors and scheme.